Why Defi Needs an Index?

Decentralised finance has grown immensely since the beginning of 2019 increasing the value locked in contract by 519% and crossing the $1bn mark in February 2020.

Investors who previously bought Bitcoin as their first crypto asset investment are becoming increasingly interested in the opportunities that reside in decentralised finance. This is compounded by the talented teams that are innovating and creating exceptional products in this area. As the crypto markets mature we envisage a greater emphasis on alt-coin dominance that is chiefly led by decentralised finance.

Defi now encompasses the following categories…

- Lending and Borrowing

- Derivatives

- Exchanges

- KYC and Identity

- Prediction Markets

- Securitisation

The PhutureDAO’s flagship index at launch will provide exposure to the top 5 Defi protocols weighted by market capitalisation. We are calling it “PhutureDAO: The Defi Index”. This index we hope will become the definitive benchmark for decentralised finance.

The PhutureDAO Defi index will enable passive investment strategies that have previously not been possible through a single index token. Investors will gain diversified and auto-rebalanced exposure to the most prominent Defi projects. We believe that an index that tracks decentralised finance applications, should intrinsically operate by the first principles that define the protocols it represents.

These principles are…

1. Open Access — Open to anyone with no minimum

2. Zero Fees — No annual management fees

3. Non Custodial — Autonomously controlled by smart contracts ensuring a high degree of security

PhutureDAO indices will operate on-chain utilising and integrating, with existing defi applications.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more details on the PhutureDAO Crypto Index Platform.

Contact us

Email: info@phuturedao.com

Discord: https://discord.gg/frRD3Ck

Website: www.phuturedao.com

Decentralised protocol built for the creation and investment of passive index strategies.

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